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August 19, 2012

I’ve moved over to my own website: that’s grabbing the posts from Tumblr.


Tomahawk 0.2 released!

August 16, 2011

First to PlanetKDE readers: Tomahawk is not directly a KDE project, in that it is hosted on the KDE infrastructure. We do however use Phonon and have been working with Phonon developers to improve the state of our Phonon backends to get a truly hassle-free cross-platform audio framework. A positive outcome of the renewed development interest in Phonon has let us deploy Phonon-Vlc on all 3 linux/mac/windows platforms with absolutely no problems—not a mean feat. Anyway, back to the story.

We’re happy to announce the release of Tomahawk 0.2, the second major release of our fledgling social media player. It’s been a fast two and a half months since 0.1 was released, and we’ve put a lot of work into backend stability as well as UI polishing. Some of the main new features we added include a revamped Dashboard, showing recently added track and albums from across your network as well as recently played tracks from your friends, as well as a “Listen Along” feature that lets you immediately “latch on” to what one of your friends is listening to (resolving to your own sources of the tracks). It’s hard to run out of things to listen to when you can hitch a ride with your friends… On top of all of those we have new specific album and artist pages, the ability to love tracks and view the tracks that your friends have loved, search globally across all your network and resolvers, and the ability to parse rdio and Spotify links for data liberation 🙂 This is of course only the tip of the iceberg, so I’ll stop myself from just repeating the contents of our very extensive Changelog  and let you go and see it yourself. (And come hack with us in #tomahawk!)

And if you by any chance still haven’t had a chance to check out what Tomahawk is and why it’s a media player worth checking out, we helpfully have a quick intro video to show it on our website  that will get you sorted out.

Dashboard view in Tomahawk 0.2

Happy listening!

Moving media players into the future, and Camp KDE

March 25, 2011

Tomahawk Player

I’ve been pretty quiet lately, but not because I haven’t been getting my code on. I’ve joined up with Chris (muesli from amarok 1.x fame) and some others (jefferai, domme) to work on a new Qt/FOSS media player. Now before we all collectively groan and moan “not another media player!!” hear me out—we’re different.  Those of you who had the luck^W^W^W^Wtorture of attending my talks at Camp KDE or Akademy last year probably know that I am obsessed with one simple question when it comes to media players: playing you what you want. That means two things—being smart and helping you find new music and making it possible to play music that you don’t physically have on your hard drive. Tomahawk solves these problems and more:

  • Why can’t I easily listen to all the music I have scattered across multiple computers, at multiple locations, from a single interface?
  • When I am reading a website that talks about a song, and I own that song, why can’t I play my copy directly from that page?
  • Why can’t I subscribe to, and import, playlist metadata from all over the web – and then have that resolve against any/all songs that I have access to?
  • Why do I have to listen to songs I have on my hard drive, and songs from services I subscribe to, in totally different user experience silos?
  • Why I can’t I use the intelligence of services like The Echo Nest to help me discover new music that I have access to?

Tomahawk hooks your up with your friends—connect with your jabber/gtalk/twitter friends and share metadata and playlists. Any track that a resolver can play (think youtube, aolmusic, skreemr) you can play too. Playlists generated from The Echo Nest based on your criteria (example: similar to u2 and queen and fleet foxes with high artist familiarity and medium variety) that you can play across your various computers? Then played directly for you in your media player? That’s what i’m talking about. Check us out at our  homepage . We just released 0.0.1—we’re young, but we have tons of awesome plans. Stay tuned!

Camp KDE

It’s that time a year again. No, not christmas, not akademy, and not your birthday, but rather, Camp KDE! Why is Camp KDE a conference worth visiting? It’s a gathering of some of the great people who make KDE as awesome as it is, but it’s not as overwhelmingly huge as Akademy or the Desktop Summit. There’s time to mingle with the Great KDE Legends (i’m coining that phrase right now)—sitting around and chatting with Till, Sebas, and others in Jamaica in 2009 (just to name a few) made it an infinitely more exciting event than wandering around Gran Canaria watching them give well-received talks to a huge audience. So take a look at the awesome schedule for Camp KDE—keynotes from Jim Zemlin of the Linux Foundation and Carol Smith of Google’s Open Source Office, talks by Thiago, Ariya, Romain, Aleix (of KDevelop fame), Marijn (of Calligra fame), Knut and more—what’s not to look forward to. See you in San Francisco!

Hello world!

February 6, 2006

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